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Abystus' current avatar on the GSHI forums.

Abystus is a current Administrator of GSHI and former Administrator of GSCentral. He is also a professional programmer and a well-known hacker in the game hacking scene. Joining the scene in 1998, he was formally known under the forum handles Codex~187, Epic_Cataclysm, and Akumajr while the gscentral.com forums were still active. During November of 2009, he joined the GSHI forums as an active hacker, yet remained an Administrator of GSCentral for some time after that. On August 1st, 2012, he was made a Chronicler, and later on March 8th, 2013, he was promoted to forum Administrator after stepping down from said position held on GSCentral forums.


GG Mass Crypt

On January 19th, 2012, Abystus released GG Mass Crypt, a small, .NET based application that converts raw ROM codes into Game Genie codes and vice versa. This program was possibly the first of its kind to convert multiple lines of code at a time. Its predecessors were only able to tediously convert a single line of code.

Initially, the program only had support for the Super Nintendo. Version 1.1 brought support for the Sega Genesis. There were plans for supporting additional systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Game Boy, and Sega Game Gear. A code porting feature was also planned, but never implemented. The program is now discontinued since it eventually got incorporated into GHTool early in its development.

Branch Finder

Version 2.3 of Branch Finder analyzing a Mortal Kombat "No Fatality" log file.

Branch Finder emerged on June 7th, 2012. It is an ongoing project that allows the user to extract all branches from a supported log file type and display them for easy viewing on the left. The program also finds any redundant branch to addresses and lists them on the right. Overall, this program's goal is to make the creation of codes that usually have sequential branches (Hit Anywhere, Collect Anywhere, Walk Anywhere, Invincibility, etc.) easier to identify. The latest and most stable release, version 2.3, comes with a branch log analyzer and compare tool. These tools can be used to make it easier for those searching for hidden debug/secret options in games. Requires .Net Framework 4.0

Supported Branch Types

Here are the current supported branch types by Branch Finder. Additional log support can be added manually by modifying LogTypes.xml.

Supported Branch Types
Cheat Engine
MAME: 68000
MAME: V60/TMS32032
MESS: Toshiba TLCS900H

Killer Instinct Image View

Killer Instinct Image View in action.

Killer Instinct Image View, released December 12th, 2012, is an application that was designed to view the stored bitmaps within the Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 arcade image files. It also has the ability to export the images locally to a bitmap file. It requires the .NET Framework (version 4.5 or higher), either a Killer Instinct or Killer Instinct 2 .IMG file, and the included DLL files.

This tool serves as a convenience for those who wish to not use any real "hacking" knowledge, but would also like to uncover new, unused content. Most of the content discovered using this program has been published in two pages of The Cutting Room Floor. The contributions to the Killer Instinct title can be found on this page. Similarly, the unused content for Killer Instinct 2 is located on this page.

Chip-Eight Hacking Emulator

Abystus' Chip-Eight emulator running Blinky.

To improve his knowledge on emulation, Abystus created Chip-Eight, a CHIP-8 hacking emulator. Released May 30th, 2013, Chip-Eight came with numerous features and also the ability to emulate most CHIP-8 and SuperChip games and demos. The emulator is currently released under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) and the source code is hosted on CodePlex.


Below is a list of features currently present in the Chip-Eight Hacking Emulator.

Feature Description
Non-hybrid type CHIP-8 roms Supports all non-hybrid type CHIP-8 roms.
SuperChip Supports SuperChip games.
Speed control and pause options Ability to control the speed and halt the emulation.
Debugger Provides a fully functional debugger that includes a read, write and execute breakpoint system, register set/lock options, and full assembly display.
Stepping Options Step into, step over, and step out.
Memory Viewer Allows read/write access to the system memory.
Trace Logger Provides a trace logger with optional register dump.
Cheat Support Allows cheats to be used. The current format is AAAA?CC:VV.
Cheat File Support Allows cheats to be added, updated and deleted to and from a cheat file.
Cheat Search Functionality Allows the ability to perform RAM searches.

The Peeper

"The Peeper" displaying debug text found within Doom 64.

The Peeper was introduced on February 22nd, 2014. It was targeted to hackers who were interested in finding unused or hidden content in games by searching for specific terms. The program analyzes the contents of a rom and reports its findings in a neat, organized tree-view with the total amount of occurrences a specific term has been found, the address at which the term was found, and a snippet of relevant text that is 600 characters long. The Terms.txt file can be modified to add new words and can be accessed via the program's menu bar or manually.


Hidden Characters Playable In Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat II hack shows Noob Saibot selected (Sub-Zero portrait). Similarly, Smoke is selected (Reptile portrait).
Mortal Kombat II hack shows Noob Saibot selected (Sub-Zero portrait). Similarly, Jade is selected (Kitana portrait).

In Mortal Kombat II, there are three hidden characters: Smoke, Noob Saibot, and Jade that were rumored to be playable. Ordinarily, players are able to fight against these characters given the stipulated in-game requirements are met. There has been attempts to try playing as these characters, but people were only able to change the palette of a normal character to reflect a hidden character's; thus, leaving the movesets intact. This method removes all of the character's special attributes which defeats the purpose of actually playing as the hidden character.

On April 18th, 2014, Abystus released a hack for Mortal Kombat II that is now regarded as a holy grail in video game hacking history. Unlike the previous attempts, this hack makes all three hidden characters completely playable. The characters have retained all of their special abilities which includes their speed, amount of health, damage amounts, and projectile invulnerability from their respective boss fights. In short, the characters now function as they would under CPU control.

Immediately after its release, the hack went viral. Pugsy's Cheats Forum received a massive number of views since the code was originally posted there. In 8 hours, the thread accumulated 12,000 views, setting a new record of "Most users ever online" to 1,612 on April 30th, 2014, 03:49 PM. Other sites such as Computerandvideogames.com and Polygon.com (amongst others) cited the thread and wrote their own article about the hack. The latest version of the cheat can be found here.


  • Enable the cheat.
  • On the character select screen, choose Reptile to play as Smoke, Sub-Zero to play as Noob Saibot, or Kitana to play as Jade.


Currently, the code is still under development since extensive testing measures are required to work out any bugs. Here are the known issues that are currently being worked on in v1.4 of the code:

  • Kitana's "Kiss of Death" will crash the game if performed on Smoke.
  • Endings will crash the game for the secret characters.
  • Jade's sprite darkens along with the background during finishers.
  • Smoke will blink Reptile's sprite during his "Teleport" move.
  • Noob Saibot will blink Sub-Zero's sprite during his "Teleport" move.
  • Smoke and Noob Saibot use Reptile's friendship quote during their friendships.
  • Babalities performed on Smoke and Jade fail to remove the player sprite when displaying the baby sprite.

Moves & Finishers

Abystus has provided a complete list of moves and finishers for the characters along with their button combinations to be executed in the game. They are as follows:

Moves Finishers
Spear (B, B, LP) Telekinetic Head Uppercut (U, U, HP or D, D, U, U, HP) (Hold D+BL+LP+LK for 3 heads) (Jump Distance or Anywhere)
Air Throw (BL while airborne) (Close) Jugular Cut (Hold HP, D, F, F, F, Release HP) (Close)
Teleport (F, D, B, HP) Stage Fatality (D, F, F, BL) (Close)
Dash Throw (F, D, B, LK) (Replaces Leg Take-Down) Friendship (B, B, D, HK) (Anywhere)
Babality (D, B, B, HK) (Anywhere)
Noob Saibot
Moves Finishers
Spear (B, B, LP) Burned Alive/Explode (U, U, HP or D, D, U, U, HP) (Jump Distance or Anywhere)
Air Throw (BL while airborne) (Close) Jugular Cut (Hold HP, D, F, F, F, Release HP) (Close)
Teleport (F, D, B, HP) Stage Fatality (D, F, F, BL) (Close)
Leg Take-Down (F, D, B, LK) Friendship (B, B, D, HK) (Anywhere)
Babality (D, B, B, HK) (Anywhere)
Moves Finishers
Fan Lift (B, B, HP) Head Chop (BL, BL, BL, HK) (Close)
Fan Throw (F, F, HP+LP) (Ground or Air) Kiss of Death (Hold LK, F, F, D, F, Release LK) (Close)
Square Wave (F, D, B, HP) Stage Fatality (F, D, F, HK) (Close)
Friendship (D, D, D, U, LK) (Anywhere)
Babality (D, D, D, LK) (Anywhere)


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