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The Action Replay is a Game Enhancer device for the Nintendo 3DS. It was created by Datel. Action Replay DS was the first Game Enhancer to work with 3DS. The cheat features did not work but saves could be backed up. In June 2013 Action Replay Power Saves for 3DS was released and focuses on Power Saves instead of cheat codes. Action Replay Power Saves Pro followed. There was also a Pokemon related release called Action Replay Power Play:Pokemon.


  • Action Replay DS (September 2011): 3DS/DSi/DS/Lite Compatible. Compatible up to version 6 firmware.
  • Action Replay Power Saves for 3DS (June 2013) - The Action Replay Power Saves for 3DS can alter saves of 3DS games and has some codes for 3DS games.
  • Action Replay Power Saves Pro
  • Action Replay Power Play:Pokemon - Software to hack Pokemon X and Y specifically.




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