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MKI A500 cartridge

The Amiga was one of the first systems to have a Action Replay released on it. All versions featured a slow mo button which would slow down gameplay. They also contain on and off buttons and a freeze button. The freeze button opens up the menu which allows access to the Action Replays features. All versions of the action replay allowed users to alter RAM in real time and cheat on games. They could also view sprites and allow users to listen to music. It was also possible to make back-ups of games. As later versions of the Action Replay were introduced the number of features were also increased.

All Amiga Action Replays were produced in the early 90's by Datel.

Action Replay Mk I

This version is compatible with the A500/A1000 version only. It also plugs into the side expansion port. It introduces the following features:

1.0 Version

  • Shows and modifies registers (even read-only ones) and memory contents.
  • Trainer maker.
  • M68000 assembler / disassembler.
  • Copper assembler / disassembler.
  • Sprite editor.
  • Virus detector.
  • Picture / music (tracker format) / sample ripper.
  • Save computer memory (freezed programs) to disk.
  • Shows computer status (disk parameters, ChipRAM, FastRAM...).

Features added to the 1.5 Version

  • Mempeeker.
  • Ability to save freezed programs to RAM.
  • RAM testing.
  • Illegal opcode - jumps to freezer mode.

Action Replay Mk II

A special A2000 version is available for this particluar revision. Instead of plugging into the side expansion port it plugs into the 86 pin CPU slot.

Features added since MK 1.5 version

  • Boot selector.
  • Picture editor.
  • Sound tracker.
  • Turbo fire manager (separately for both joysticks).
  • Disk encoder.
  • Start menu.
  • Disk monitor.
  • Integrated DOS commands (Dir, Format,...).
  • Diskcopy.
  • 80 characters display with two-way scrolling.
  • Calculator.
  • Notepad.
  • Memory and drive switch (enabling / disabling).
  • Music ripper now finds all tracker formats (SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, other formats with 32 samples).
  • Ripped music / pictures are saved in IFF format.

Action Replay MK III

A A2000 version is available for this version as well. As with the MK II it plugs into the 86 pin CPU slot.

  • Deep trainer.
  • Burst nibbler copy program.
  • Switch between PAL and NTSC (with new Agnus).
  • Joystick handler (use the joystick instead of keyboard).
  • Setmap.
  • File requester.
  • Better support of RAM expansions.
  • More CLI programs.

Sysop Mode

The sysop mode in the Action Replay allows access to features which are more powerful than those that are available by default. The Sysop mode allows dissassembly of the non-autoconfig RAM and the cartridge ROM. The sysop mode on MK I is not so powerful as later revisions.

Codes to access the Sysop Mode

Simply type the following into the keyboard to access the Sysop Mode:

  • MK I - type LORD OLAF
  • MK III - type MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU and then after the "Try a new one" message type NEW


  • Action Replay (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card)
  • Action Replay (A1200 card)
  • Action Replay Mk II (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card)
  • Action Replay Mk III (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card) (1991)


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