Action Replay (Commodore 64)

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MKIII cartridge

The Action Replay for the Commodore 64 is pretty similar to the one for Amiga. It is also the first Action Replay ever created. This Action Replay has a Freeze button which allows users to access a special menu which can allow the editing of system and game RAM and can make a copy of the contents of the game. It's useful for making backups of games. There are no actual codes per-say, but there are Poke's, which can effect the games.

There was several official releases of it each numbering I-VI. There have also been pirated versions made by the homebrew community.


  • Action Replay
  • Action Replay II
  • Action Replay III
  • Action Replay IV (1988)
  • Action Replay VI (1989)




Action Replay
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