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Action Replay cartridge

The Action Replay is a RAM modifying Game Enhancer developed by Datel. When first released on the Genesis it was known simply as the Action Replay. This only allowed for cheats to be entered. Later the Pro Action Replay was released which included a trainer for finding codes. The trainer screen is brought up by resetting the system. There was also a Pro Action Replay 2 released.


A seperate device called Datel Pro CDX is also available. This product was allowed games from any region to be played on the Mega CD. It was sold exclusively in Europe.

Known Versions

  • Action Replay (02/12/91): "good" name: Action Replay (Unl) [!]
  • Action Replay 2 (21/2/92): "good" name: Pro Action Replay (Unl) [c][!]
  • Action Replay 2 v2.1 (28/04/94): "good" name: Pro Action Replay 2 V2.1 (Unl) [c][!]
  • Datel Pro CDX v1.8I: "good" name: CDX Pro BIOS V1.8I (Unl)


  • Action Replay
  • Pro Action Replay
  • Pro Action Replay 2
  • Pro CDX for the Mega-CD




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