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Action Replay

The Action Replay for the Sega Saturn was a Game Enhancer created by Datel, but marketed in the US as the GameShark by its distributors, InterAct. This Action Replay lacks code searching features unless a comms link is connected to the Saturn. Basically codes can be entered and edited. It could also be used as a region convertor and a memory back-up. The Action Replay came in cartridge form and fit inside the cartridge port of the console.

Foreign games can be played by pressing X+Y+Z while selecting the "Start Game Without Enhancements" option. Version 1.90 removes the button combination requirement to play foreign games.

4M Auto

A 4M Ram expansion version of the Action Replay was also available. This was only really useful for games outside of the US region as no US games took advantage of the 4M Ram expansion cart peripheral.


  • Action Replay
  • Pro Action Replay
  • Pro Action Replay 4M (with 4 MB RAM)
  • Pro Action Replay 4M Plus (Same as the 4M, but with manual choice of the needed RAM)



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