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Action Replay Power Saves

Action Replay is a Game Enhancer device for the Nintendo Wii. Two versions were released. A power saves version, and a standard version which uses codes. It was created by Datel.

Power Saves are the main feature of the first Action Replay for this system. It also comes with the MAX media Manager Pro which allows for the transfer of various files to the SD card.

The Action Replay Wii version requires a number of steps to use and is not much unlike hacking a Wii. The Wii's MAC address must be found and entered in a website along with the product registration key to enable a download of the Action Replay software. Once that is added to the included SD card the Action Replay is accessable in the calendar.


  • Action Replay Powersaves (512MB) and (1GB) (2010)
  • Action Replay Wii (2012)



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