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Classic GSCCC logo.

CMGSCCC was a Game Enhancer code site started on September 23rd, 1996 by CMX. It hosted codes primarily for Code Breaker but originally was Game Shark based. Registration is required to view the codes. The site was run and (mostly) owned by Code Master, who eventually changed his own name to CMX, presumably to make it seem as though he's more like DMX. Since then he has begun a transition to naming himself "CodeTwink""


Originally CMGSCCC used as their domain address. The Girl Scouts orginization then sought to gain exclusive rights to use the address and took CMX to court over it. This was the era when the site had a splash page which featured an American flag theme. CMX may have lost the case as the Girl Scouts organization had a more legitimate need for the domain. It's also possible that CMX simply sold the domain address. Either way, the website needed a new domain address and was chosen.

At this time CMGSCCC stood for Code Masters Game Shark Code Creators Club but Interact took them to court for using Game Shark in the domain name. The Term Game Shark was trademarked by Interact. As a result of the lawsuit the sites name became Code Masters Game Software Code Creators Club and all uses of the word "gameshark" in the forum were replaced with asterisk's to obscure the name.

At an unknown point, CMX accepted a position as Pelican's official code hacker and the site was converted over to being Code Breaker specific. Since then, the site has become heavily ad laden, requires becoming a member to view any codes, and has turned into a place to generally avoid.

Around September of 2008 the site got another major make-over and switched it's name to CodeTwink. The existing content was incorporated into the new site.

Corporation Info

A domestic corporation in Waterloo, Illinois. The corporation is a "Single Owner Corporation," in that all officers of the corporation are the same. As CMX refers to himself as the President of GSCCC, Incorporated, it appears his name is Bryan Thomas Black.

From 2000 to 2005, the address of the corporation's registered agent was 5725 Sportsman Rd, Waterloo IL 62298 US, which Mapquest high resolution imagery showed to be a farm house.

From 2005 to 2006, the address of the corporation's registered agent was 411 Park Street Suite C, Waterloo, IL 62298, which is the PDQ Tax Service in Waterloo.

The Illinois Secretary of State's website shows that GSCCC, Incorporated has never filed an annual report, and is a "corporation not in good standing," indicating that the corporation is not legally allowed to conduct business under that name for failing to obey Illinois Statutes.

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