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CWCheat is Game Enhancer software made specifically for the PSP. It allows for the creation of cheat codes and also for the use of them. It requires Custom Firmware to be used and thus cannot be used on PSP's out of the box. It was apparently the first of its kind, and continues to be the better of the Game Enhancers available on PSP. The cheat code database can be updated as the CWCheat website updates its database regularly and it can be downloaded as a whole. The website also has a handy code submission page which encourages the growth of its database. It comes in multiple versions with varying features.

CWCheat Minor Version Features

  • CPU/BUS speed settings
  • Database updatable by downloading from PC or using the PSP's WiFi connection.
  • View Memory card info and battery life.
  • USB-mass support.

CWCheat NO POPS version Features

  • Includes RemaPSP which allows for button assignments to be changed in games.

CWCheatpops NO GAME Version Features

  • Allows for MCR memory cards (ePSXe and PSX) to be imported.


The CWCheat project started in latter 2005 when the ex-golden-firmware 1.50 was the only firmware able to run unsigned code. Weltall and Sincro started to play around with psp coding and worked on a game-loader with built-in cheat support. The closed-beta project then evolved along with the psp-scene; Sincro abandoned the project and Weltall ported the small and buggy code to a full devhook-compatable prx. The loader was removed, while cheating functions were slightly improved. With the new custom-firmwares such as Dark_Alex's CWCheat evolved another time maintaining its compatibility and opening the way also to a POPS version (PSOne Emulator).

External Links

If the code isn't in CWCheat format, you can use Raing3's code converter to port the code.