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UK-based Codemasters is an award winning games developer and publisher with history stretching back to the early days of consumer video game products. The studio was established in 1986 and quickly became known for titles such as the Oliver Twins' Dizzy franchise and the Game Genie hardware accessory. The company expanded operations in the late 90's to America and created a reputation as a leading game development company with its racing games (including the renown TOCA, Colin McRae, F1, DIRT and GRID franchises) and the Micro Machines mini-racing series. In the action category, the company has published games such as Bodycount, Operation Flashpoint, Rise of the Argonauts, and Overlord.

In 2012, Codemasters rebranded its publishing efforts in order to focus on its strengths. The company no longer produces titles outside of the driving genre, and currently uses the publishing label Codemasters Racing.

Company Info


Address: P.O. Box 6 Leamington Spa Warks, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 926 81

In perhaps one of the greatest coincidences of all time (or perhaps not), the Lead Programmer at Codemasters was once a certain Bryan Black. However, this apparently was not the same Bryan Black who later emerged in the GameShark hacking scene as CodeMaster (and eventually CodeMasterX, or CMX).