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GSHI Battle cast

GSHI Battle was a flash series that involved various GSHI members. A total of 3 flash films were created with 2 more stuck in development hell. There was a also a gamemaker game created which was cancelled before completion.


This first flash involved a battle in a Hyrule-ish throne room. The animation can be found here. The story can be found below:

Ah yes...that famous battle, fought many years ago, between the GSHI and the forces of darkness. It the Hyrule throne room. I recall I (Lazy Bastard) was very lazy that day, and decided to let Ace take care of the work, while I met RPGod at the Kakariko bar to have a few beers. RPGod got drunk and held the bartender up with a GSPro (he can throw that thing pretty hard...I've still got a bruise from that time I called him Silent Bobo's bitch...), forcing him to give him shot after shot of whiskey...but that's another story. The three most powerful leaders of darkness, allied with the evil Link Brothers, were planning to use the Triforce, Atma, and the Mana Tree in focused unison, so as to create a small hole in space, allowing them to escape to our dimension, where they could expand their empire into the hacking world and beyond. We quickly put a stop to this when we inserted ourselves into the VG world with hacked powers, near invulnerability, and 1,736 rupees (don't blame me if the conversion rate from Gil was bad at the time), thwarting their diabolical plans just in time for a nacho break. Unfortunately, nachos had not been invented.

All was not well for long, however, as, when we visited the next day, RPGod got us banished from Kakariko when he took a piss on the Elder's beard...he claims that the elder insulted his dog. Normally I would accept this, but...the elder was sleeping, and it was 2:00 in the morning...and RPGod...well, there were 8 beers missing from my fridge, and he was only alone in the kitchen for about five minutes...ah well. Memories...


A second animation was created which took place in a Final Fantasy themed throne room. The flash animation can be found here and the story can be read below:

This was our second encounter with pure evil. Ace had heard about his great uncle's friend's mother's sister's ex-plumber, the recently-pronounced king of the entire dimension of Suptrigfant, having some trouble with a seemingly-omnipotent magic user, going by the name of Akfek. If this Akfek fellow were to take over the dimension of Suptrigfant, he would have the second most large and powerful dimension in existence (ours being the first) in his grasp, and would also have in his possession the Orb of the him the ability to warp to our dimension, with as many troops or weapons as his wicked heart desired. He...well, I'll let you see for yourself.

As I (Lazy Bastard) was lazy that day...come to think of it...I've been lazy every day I can remember...anyway, I decided to let Ace handle the problem himself, being that it was a personal issue, after all. But, as you can see, things were not as they were expected to be, and I eventually had to get up off my lazy @$$ and run to the fight...which I decided not to do...but there are always other modes of transportation, fortunately.

Afterward, we found RPGod at the county jail. He had been arrested for riding a Chocobo at thirty miles past the speed limit, piss-drunk in a Mage school zone. We bailed him out even though I'd already spent all my money on this ticket that was supposed to be so great but only gave me access to some stupid dancers that for some reason kept pulling me on-stage. I gave the sheriff a Pink Tail, and, for some reason, he got all excited and thanked me all the way out the door. I don't know what the big deal was...I found that piece of crap in an old trunk my grandpa had in the don't think it coulda been worth anything, do ya? Naw, that's silly.

Anyway, I called headquarters to check up on everything; Czar was finishing up his The Meaning of Life mod, Alucard was playing Metal Gear Solid on his new PS12 (Czar had hacked an In-Town Time mod the previous day, and well...we forgot to buy any games...we did remember three days later though...nevermind), and from what he said, CCV was sleeping and everytime someone tried to talk to him he gave an auto-reply in backwards English, and Munk had been drugged in his sleep as a practical joke, and tricked by the others into thinking he was playing hide and seek, and so was enjoying his third hour of giggling quietly, crouched down behind the couch in the lounge as people walked by him and tried not to stare. A guest speaker, King Edgar, was keeping the mods occupied, and the UBB members and guests were busy arguing over who's "Who's poll is the best?" poll was the best, so everything was taken care of.

We knew what that meant. Yeah, free night on the town! So we all went down to the biggest bar we could understand directions to, hung out, had a few drinks, and talked about old times. King Koopa, who happened to be in the bar, struck up a conversation to us about how he'd come closer to ruling the universe in his time than any Akfek could ever dream, which eventually became very boring. RPGod smashed a beer bottle over his head, starting a fight between us and a bunch of Goombas, and we were all arrested for intoxication assault, a 3rd degree felony, and thrown in the big house with all those gay mechanics from FF6, who kept mumbling something to each other about us dropping the soap or something. Luckily, Alucard had been watching us on a hex monitor (after a while, you don't even see the just see Red Dragon, Blue Dragon...heheh = inside joke), and managed to gather the GSHI team together to hack a room modifier for us and warp us back to HQ. Once Czar found the address, RPGod randomly guessed the digits perfectly, and all we had to do was wait until we could go to the chow line so we could change rooms. We were glad to be back. I talked to Koopa on the phone a while back, and he said there were no hard feelings...although I suspect more and more that CzarDragon hacked an attitude mod for him...heheh.


The third flash is the most elaborate as it made use of music, sound effects, and had multiple scenes. It took place in various places, including GSHI Headquarters. It inluded not only a intro credit sequence but also a end of film dedications. The flash can be found here.


In order of first usage:

1.The Fire Powered Ship (from Final Fantasy V)Nobuo Uematsu1:25
2.Kefka (from Final Fantasy VI)Nobuo Uematsu2:34
3.Edgare & Mash (from Final Fantasy VI)Nobuo Uematsu2:20
4.Welcome to our Town (from Final Fantasy IV)Nobuo Uematsu1:15
5.Land of Doom (from Rudra no Hihou)Ryuji Sasai3:24
6.Mystic Mysidia (from Final Fantasy IV)Nobuo Uematsu1:26
7.Voice of Awakening (from Energy Breaker)Yukio Nakajima2:10
8.Fanfare (from Final Fantasy VII)Nobuo Uematsu0:55
9.Black Dream (from Chrono Trigger)Yasunori Mitsuda2:33
10.Far Promise ~ Dream Shore (from Radical Dreamers)Yasunori Mitsuda1:06


This exists. Part 1 Part 2

GSHI Battle 0

This specific GSHI Battle had a script release, which can be found here. What was made of the swf can be found here.

GSHI Battle: The Game

Work had started on a Game Maker version of GSHI Battle but was cancelled after only a few releases. Work on it was done primarily by a single person with promised assistance from Ace. It was essentially non-canon as the characters didn't use the sprites found in the flash series. The thread announcing it's release can be found here. The last available download can be found here.


First Release: This release only contained a short sequence where the player confronted 2 NPC's in a short but epic battle.
Last Release: This release revealed that the sequence had been merely a dream by the games main character. From there he could venture outside the house into a single dungeon.
The Unreleased: At least two dungeons had been fully programmed and a single large town was also completed. Further cameos by Rune (in the form of a yellow skull called Urine Skull) and other GSHI members were worked in. Ace and LiquidManZero had been programmed in as playable characters. On Ace's side he had a 50% complete battle system, a couple maps, and some mini games finished (but these were not submitted to the actual creator of the game and were not worked in at all).

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