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GameShark CDX

The GameShark is a Game Enhancer device for the Dreamcast. It was created by Datel but was distributed in the US region as the GameShark. As expected the GameShark allows for cheat code entry and editing. It is also possible to connect to the Datel website and download the latest cheat codes. The GameShark is a memory card/CD combination, the CD stores the software and the memory card saves the latest cheats.

This GameShark was released in the era where online gameplay was just gaining mainstream attention and aggravated some players. It was possible to use the GameShark in offline mode and carry the effects online. It was abused on Phantasy Star Online quite a bit.

Known Releases

  • GameShark CDX
  • GameShark Lite
  • GameShark Cheats 'N Codes: Volume 1



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