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The Game Action Replay for the NES is a Game Enhancer for the NES that allows users to save a game and then restart it later from that exact point. It's effectively like the Save States that can be used in emulators.


To use the Game Action Replay on the old style NES the metal bar inside the system has to actually be removed. In the case of NES2 the entire top of the system must be removed. While using the GAR the game can be saved by pressing Select+A at the same time. It can then be loaded again by pressing Select+B.

There is also a special menu that can be called by pressing Select+A+B. From there is the following options:

  • Slow motion speed: Toggle slow-motion on/off and set it's speed.
  • Slow motion flash: This can be used to help with the flicker which is caused by enabling slow motion.
  • Function key: Choose Select or Start to be the GAR's "hotkey".
  • Game type: Most games use Type A, but this lets you select from A-Z in case your game doesn't use this.
  • Save screens: This will save the game even if the system is turned off. Depending on the Game type used there can be up to 5 games saved.
  • Load screens: This loads what was saved in the Save Screen.
  • Scan Screens: Browse the Save Screens.

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