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Post Final Fantasy 6 GBA finds here

Fly on Daryl's Airship


32001E94 00FF
320011FA 0003

On the World Map, access the main menu and exit it to be in the Airship. From there, press Start and you'll be on the deck of Daryl's Airship. - Ace

02000056 - Change to 01 to call a battle (doesn't work on world map). It seems to call the last battle you were in. Ace's enemy group mod works with it. - KE

0200004C - Screen fade. F0 is normal brightness, 00 is pitch black - KE
0200004D - Background brightness. 00 is normal, F0 is hellabright(tm) - KE
0200004B - some digits start a brightness loop. F0 will give you a seizure - KE
020000FF - Setting this to anything but 00 will put you in "oh chit KE hav to much sakeke" mode, world map only - KE
02001CF5 - changes which party you are in control of. 01-03 are the normal parties (2 and 3 are only used in multiple-party scenarios), 00 puts you in a party with a character that has kefka's sprite on the world map, ghestal's portrait, and cyan in battle. - KE

02026237 - Changes how many parties you can put your characters into at the party selection screen. - KE

8200185E 5951 - before using code clear the 3rd and 4th slots of your party. with the code on they will be kefka and leo. both have sprites for normal maps and the world map, and work in battle. Kefka must be given commands before he can be used in battle.


32001F64 00xx < room modifer looking for debug room right now

I found a more complete room mod the other day and looked around but didn't find a debug room. At the time this wiki didn't exist and I only posted it on the forums. - KE

Event Modifier/Activator

I think the primary Event Modifier/Activator address is 020000E7

F1 - Load Intro
F4 - Call Ending Screen

There's more that effects it. I've managed to call battles, shops, menus, etc with it. Right now it's all about figuring it out...

Note 1: When I said I didn't know much about it, I meant it.
Note 2: These values will work in town without having to change anything else..

Anyway, There seems to be a lot of stuff that effects this. So expect mixed effects....

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