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A user who has had several years of assembly hacking experience, and has made several noteworthy discoveries unearthed from videogames and has made various game music rips and dumps over the years. I write about stuffs. I also have a patreon page because yay.


I don't think anyone else is going to add these things.

  • Music Ripping - Add information about PSF, GSF, USF and more info on GBS ripping and other stuffs such as links to special debugger builds to help in ripping sets.
  • SNES Cheat Devices - convert page to wiki entries and add some more information not listed at this site.
  • Fill in the Codebreaker (Game Boy Color) article that MathUser2929 started because he felt like it.
  • Game Boy Player AR codes:

-Find M code hook routine -Disable "Press Z button" message from appearing

  • Several more GBS rips including the rest of the Unexpected Development games, Mark Ortiz GBC games and a few others.
  • Lazily finish the GSF rip for Comix Zone (the current rip is broken), Board Game Classics, the Mark Ortiz games, add the other banks to Wario Ware Inc, Mario Kart and fix the tempo issues in Game & Watch Gallery 4.
  • Finish porting my old TCRF findings to my thread.
  • I don't know what else goes here