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Pro Action Replay

The Action Replay is a RAM modifier Game Enhancer developed by Datel. As this is a pro version of the Action Replay, a trainer is included, which is accessed by pressing a button on top. There is also a switch, which toggles...something on and off. The Action Replay is a physical devices which is plugged into the Game Gear and came in the form of pass-through cartridges.

Like other cheat devices, the Action Replay acts as an extra layer between a piece of video game hardware and a game. Users input codes at the beginning of a session, which in turn will affect the signals passed between the game and console during play, thus fundamentally changing how the game operates, and potentially giving an extra advantage to players. Action Replays do not permanently alter ROM data, however, they have been known to corrupt save data if used incorrectly.

The Action Replay can be used to make games easier, for example, "hijacking" messages which deal with extra lives to "trick" a console into thinking the player has more lives than he/she should. It can also be used to unlock areas of the game usually cut off to normal users, such as test modes and potentially even unused items and features.


Action Replay v2.1

   Program -W.H.Beckett
   Design  -W.H.Beckett
   Rev. Eng-W.H.Beckett
      &    -C.R.Harding
   C.O.    -M.J.Connors
   Ind. Esp-M.  Wallace
   2 I.C.  -I.  Ryles
   Testing -Bazz &

      18/05/93 v1.01
   Datel Electronics



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