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Credit Inconsistency

If you view the Game Genie ROM in a hex editor, you can find the following:
"Game Genie program developed by Robert Leyland for MicroSystems Development of San Jose, CA. Produced by Galoob Toys Inc. of South San Francisco, CA. Original concept by Codemasters Ltd. of London, England. 19 Feb 1992."

Yet Richard Aplin in an interview at T.A.C.G.R noted that he was the one who made the Megadrive Game Genie:
"At Codies I've done the Gameboy, SNES, GameGear and Megadrive versions of the Game Genie (including a _really_ good Game Genie II, which will never see the light of day - sob), a load of assorted software, hardware, development systems and reverse-engineering, and now I'm working on something fairly secret."

I'm removing credits until this may be resolved..

--Ace 09:50, 2 May 2009 (UTC)