Three Word Story - Eternal Fury

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This topic game lasted for 16 pages total. In this story we learn that root bears are bears with beer, but not booze, A janitor possesses nacho-flavored, nuclear-bomb strength draino, and Santa Clause buys his fireants at GSHI Mart.

The Epic Story

Oh, my various
soft squishy bits,
saw LazyBastard ogrishly
much something tasty
at's convention
of lazy bastards
what the hell
happened in here?
It's pretty likely
I ate something

that doesn't exist
except for when
liquid gave me..
a root bear.
Bears with beer
but not Booze
piss me off
like lacking sake.
So everyone, hurry
before somebody eats

up KingEdgar0's hidden
Grade S nachos
Speaking of which
I should go
fire the janitor
because he is
making a mess
with the nachos
flavored nuclear bomb
-strength Draino.

Ohman, those burritos
are giving me
quarter filled socks
filled with large
quarters But that's
not what the
drunken parrots say..
when theyre dressed
in gold chains
and bottle caps..

drinking cheap vodka
out of cheap
hookers' bras. They
looked like penguins
iceskating on thin
banana peels smelling
like the Devil
eating a french
fried poodle that
was dipped in

its own version
of cheap ramen.
Well, the point
is very dull
and probably not
worth stabbing with
A Winx Club
pirate dvd looking
like it has
VD, but that's

just the nachos
of the whole
thing, without any
beer at all.
This is the
worst possible way
to increase your
libido, but hey
this is the
only way to

drink when you
have no head
up TruWizdom's ass
like some amazing
head up ass
trick-performing person.
high on trout
tranquilizers. Forget everything
you read in
anatomy class, because

they were lying
about how big
some specific hacker's
gallbladders are. Actually
maybe Grade S
can help us
go fucking crazy
enough to shut
DarkSerge's Root Bear
supply off for

the remainder of
the cold season
of summer and
the rest of
Serge's entire life.
That reminds me
to die. Incidentally
your base belongs
to RPGods true
super drunken combo

(quartercircle forward chug)
even more than
you can guess
it would, although
one may question
if you had
two cats and
one's questioning ability
while really drunk
was no worse

than theirs, although
it makes me..
seriously ill when
drinking miller lite
through a sock
used by TruWizdom
who hasn't been
raping ears in
an hour. Santa
Clause got him.

them there fireants
at GSHI Mart
Damn, when is
the kingdom of
D sign going
to take over
what was left..
of TruWizdom's porn
and stop screwing
my newest wife

hurricane Katrina? LiquidManZero
drank all the
root bear in
the world that.
he could, which
wasn't that much
compared to the
amount DarkSerge had
sold to support
his other habits.

Speaking of habits
is fun, because
it's fun, like
that broken record
from the root
of evil, which
made me want
eat some HexBits
Hexbits good! Well
that's all folks

, the root bear
has spoken.
Wait a minute
naw forget it.

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