Three Word Story - The College Years

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This topic game was fairly short, a mere 6 pages long. In this three word story we learn that RPGod is not drunk, the chinese have no nachos, and that RPGod has a foul smelling beer substitute.

The Epic Story

Oh, my darling
, I never wanted
our child to
eat my nachos,
but Whoops. So
damn it all to
hell and whatnot
RPGod's not drunk,
RPGod's not drunk,
just keep telling

yourself that repeatedly
like a mantra
that came on
American Idol. What
the fuck just
ran through our
bowl of nachos?
Whatever it was,
it was ugly,
and can't be

very well made,
dude. The Chinese
have no nachos,
which explains Shang
Resource id # 8
, the nacho simulator
for NES. A
good way to
eat nachos is
underwater, but

without breathing cheese,
there's really no
reason. Some idiot
once said "One
of these days,
Bang! Boom! straight
up a whale's
integumentary system, like
RPGod's foul-smelling
excuse for a

beer substitute." So
exactly why does
a chocobo eat
with its face,
instead of a
kind of elongated,
not remotely genital
appendage of immensely
small size?
Well, that should

end all questions,
so please just
get us drunk.

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