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X-Terminator leads here. For the SNES game enhancer see X-Terminator (Super Nintendo).

The Xploder, aka the Xplorer, is a cheat device created by Future Console Design. According to them, the cartridge is fully backwards compatible with the GameShark and Pro Action Replay. It also has the ability to use its own proprietary codes that allow cheat features not possible with older systems. The name is owned by Fire International, but the original software was likely purchased by Pelican Accessories for use as the Playstation Codebreaker.


Wayne Beckett, whom once worked at Datel and was involved in the development of their Cheat devices, such as the Game Buster, is the Father of the Xploder. In 1997 he established his own company, Future Console Design. It developed exclusively for the Blaze Label.The first Xploder appeared in summer 1998 for the first PlayStation.

Fire International maintained a German subsidiary which filed for bankruptcy in 2002. The German site was closed; but all Xploder codes remain with former partner www.mogelpower.de.

Known Versions (Incomplete)


  • Xploder (no trainer, requires a Dreamcast Memory Card)
  • Xploder Pro Media Pack (same software but comes with mp3 DC disc)

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

  • XploderGB (Purple module with built-in trainer)
  • Xploder Lite (Yellow module, which removed the trainer)

Game Boy Advance

  • Xploder Advance (without trainer)
  • Xploder Action Reloader (no codes, but a memory card is included)

Nintendo 64

  • Xploder64 (With built-in trainer) (Also known as Xplorer and X-Terminator)


  • Xploder Cheat Saves (No codes, but a CD with edited savegames)

Nintendo DS

  • Xploder Cheat System/Saves (No codes, but a CD with savegame editor)
  • Xplodemaster


  • Xploder Cheat Saves (No codes, but a CD with pre-defined, processed saves included plus a included Memory Card)

Xbox 360

  • Xploder Cheat Saves
  • Xploder Media Centre
  • Xploder Ultimate Care Kit



  • Xploder v1-v3 (first Xploder, no trainer)
  • Xploder Classic (new edition that still lacks trainer)
  • Xploder Pro (Built-in trainer / DOS program called X-Assist supplied)
  • Xploder FX (first Xploder with built-in trainer) (Also known as Xplorer FX and X-Terminator in Europe and Japan respectively) (Version called Code Breaker also exists)


  • Xploder CD 9000 v1/2? (first CD-based Xploder)
  • Xploder CD 9000 Director's Cut (Xploder CD 9000 with more and revised codes)

Playstation 2

  • Xploder2 V1
  • Xploder2 V2
  • Xploder2 V3
  • Xploder2 V4
  • Xploder2 V4 Pro (with USB cable for Saves)
  • Xploder2 V5
  • Xploder2 V5 Media Centre
  • Xploder2 V5 Pro with Media Center Live!
  • Xploder Ultimate Care Kit
  • Xploder HDTV Player (Not a cheat device)
  • Xploder2 V6
  • Xploder2 V6 Guitar Hero - Special Edition

Playstation 3

  • Xploder Cheat System
  • Xploder HDTV Player

Playstation Portable

  • Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre for PSP
  • Xploder Music Studio
  • Xploder Ultimate Care Kit


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