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The Action Replay DS is a Game Enhancer device for the Nintendo DS. It was created by Datel. It is a cheat code based device and allows the user to control the menu by using the DS's touchscreen. The code list can be updated by downloading updates from the official Datel website, and from there using software and downloading it to the AR DS through a USB cable. The AR plugs into the DS game port, thus assuring compatibility with all models of the DS. Rather than having a pass-through port, the AR must first be inserted, then after booting, the game of choice is inserted.

Media Edition

The Media Edition contains software that allows for movies, music, and homebrew games to be played. Touch screen control is also used. All files must first be saved to a MicroSD card and inserted into the ARDS Media Edition to be played. A game saves manager called DataMAX is also included which allows for game save backups (useful for games which only allow one game save).

Max Duo

The Action Replay Max Duo version advertises DS compatibility on the box. This is somewhat deceptive as actual cheat codes cannot be used on DS, only on the GBA. However, Gamesaves can be transferred to the DS.

Trainer Kit

The Action Replay Trainer Kit is a peripheral sold seperately which allows users to find their own codes. It plugs into the GBA cartridge slot so it only works on the original DS models.


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