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Cheat Engine Logo

Cheat Engine, or CE as some refer to it, is an Open Source memory scanner coded in Delphi by Dark Byte. This program isn't explicitly limited to games however, as it can aid users in debugging non-gaming related applications as well.

Of all the memory scanners available for PC's today, Cheat Engine is one of the most mature, and has many notable features such as:

  • Memory Searching that boasts a myriad of options. Ranging from search conditions to how the program actually searches memory.
  • Debugger
  • Memory Viewer
  • Disassembler
  • Assembler
  • Trainer Maker
  • Speed Hack
  • Plugin Support, for extended functionality.
  • Stealth Modes: A feature designed to hide the program from games/software that try to detect it.
  • Semi-automated Pointer finder.


Cheat Engine's Main Window
Cheat Engine's Memory Viewer

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(Note, big parts are written in Delphi)