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PS1 packaging

The Equalizer is yet another in the long line of Action Replay Game Enhancer re-brandings. It was created by Datel. The flyer says this Game Enhancer was released in UK.


  • PlayStation - First released in cartridge form. The CD + Memory card version came later. It came with a Cheat Factory CD which helps with the creation in codes. The CD version was compatible with all models of the PlayStation, including the PS2.
  • Nintendo 64 - The features in this version is the same as those of the GameShark Pro. In fact the software here was used in the GameShark pro later. The box claims to be Action Replay compatible, which seems to mean you could stack a Action Replay on top of it for more codes, however, it isn't Action Replay Pro compatible.
  • Dreamcast - A Dreamcast version was released.



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