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*[http://gshi.org/?s=jchat GSHI JavaChat]
*[http://gshi.org/?s=jchat GSHI JavaChat]
*Alternatively, you may access our IRC channel with whatever client you prefer. [irc://irc.max-evolution.com:6667/gshi Server: irc.max-evolution.com Port: 6667 Channel: #GSHI]
*Alternatively, you may access our IRC channel with whatever client you prefer. [irc://irc.max-evolution.com:6667/gshi Server: irc.max-evolution.com Port: 6667 Channel: #GSHI]
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Game Systems Headquarters International


The Classic GSHI Logo

GSHI was founded in the summer of 1999 by Lazy Bastard. Since then, quite a lot of things have happened.

It all started with a FortuneCities website, an EZBoard donated by RPGod, and some guys with a bit of free time to hack codes.

The main compulsion for users to join the GSHI back then was that, as a collective, GSHI were the few who actually hacked the "unique codes" - not the typical Infinite HP, or Maximum Gold. GSHI members hacked the codes you did not see very often, such as the Final Fantasy VII Sprite Control Modifier.

It took a while for the site to come full speed user and content wise. A rivalry with a competing codesite stirred up a few members but ultimately brought attention to the site and increased awareness.


Now, we've our own server, nearly thirty domains, a vBulletin and a Wiki. We've grown quite a bit over the years. http://gshi.org/vb/images/smilies/wink.gif

Our code database boasts tons of codes, many of which are unique and can not be found elsewhere.

The staff is composed of several long-time hackers and members of the scene, many of whom are from the old CMGSCCC forums.

The Future

There are plans for the GSHI to expand in the future. These plans will be expanded upon (heh) at such time as is seen fit.

Current Staff

  • Lazy Bastard - Owner, Founder
  • LiquidManZero - Executive Administrator, Graphics Designer, PHP & MySQL Coder
  • Ugetab - Administrator, Programmer, PHP & MySQL Coder
  • KingEdgar0 - Administrator
  • DarkSerge - Administrator
  • Ace - Administrator, Website updater
  • RPGod - Administrator
  • Reeben - Administrator
  • Absolute_Empty - Administrator
  • CzarDragon - Administrator
  • TruWizdom - Global Moderator
  • GeoTube - Global Moderator
  • Hybrid - Administrator
  • BlackGoddess - Moderator
  • Modman - Moderator
  • Daminmancejin - Moderator
  • Darke - Moderator

Special Thanks

To the following people: SolFire, Austin Power, dlevere, helder, The Donut, Superstar21, Parasyte, MyTruMeCoreMine, Alucard, luigi, Phil The Hammer Roby, Hacc, Tony Hedstrom, Chemist, Misfire, CC, Sage, Thunderhacker, GM0, gedowski, Floydfan, Jupi, Thalos, and anyone else that has helped the GSHI.

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