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A picture of the PS2 GS v2.4 code entry screen taken by Tree. Note the lack of a four after the 2nd line.

Gameshark was the American brand name of the Action Replay Game Enhancer, originally. It originally focused on altering memory addresses to create cheat codes. InterAct was the original publishers of the GameShark until it went bankrupt. Shortly after InterActs bankrupcy the name brand was sold to Mad Catz in January of 2003. After the acquisition Mad Catz continued marketing the brand as a traditional cheat device. Fire International also left development of the Codebreaker to work on the GameShark at this time. When releasing the Xbox GameShark it was revealed that "Power Saves" would take the place of cheat codes and from then on most GameShark releases have been focused on allowing users to import and export their game saves.

Versions Available

The distributors are noted on the side of the console listings.


  • PlayStation (InterAct)
  • Sega Saturn (InterAct)
  • Nintendo 64 (InterAct)
  • Sega Dreamcast (InterAct)
  • PlayStation 2 (InterAct) (Mad Catz)
  • Nintendo GameCube (Mad Catz)
  • Xbox (Mad Catz)
  • Wii (Mad Catz)
  • Playstation 3 (Mad Catz)
  • Xbox 360 (Mad Catz)


  • Game Boy (InterAct)
  • Game Boy Color (InterAct)
  • Game Boy Advance/SP/Micro (InterAct) (Mad Catz)
  • Nintendo DS/Lite (InterAct) (Mad Catz)


  • PC (InterAct)

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