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The first incarnation GameShark

The GameShark is a Game Enhancer device for the PlayStation 2. The first version was created by Datel. The successor, the GameShark 2 was the first GameShark created by Mad Catz. Cheat code support was the main focus of the GameShark.

In the GameShark 2 the codes were in encrypted form to prevent the use of codes on other Game Enhancers. There was also a memory card manager which allows for the compressing and uncompressing of game saves, and a region free DVD player. The software came on a DVD and new codes could be saved to a memory card. A special memory card was also included which contained game saves for several games.

Early versions of the GameShark 2 are incompatible with later generation PS2's. Unfortunately, the only option was to find a older PS2 or contact Mad Catz and get a replacement disc.

Action Replay 2 & GameShark 2

An earlier GameShark, which was simply called GameShark, was released on the PlayStation 2. After Mad Catz aquired the Gameshark name in 2003 it released the Gameshark 2 in March. Datel then released the Action Replay 2 in the US under the Action replay label. Thus, for the first time the GameShark and Action Replay were competitors in the US market. The first version of GameShark 2 released was referred to as version 3.0.


These are features found in most GameShark incarnations.
  • Broadband enabled for quick code updates.
  • Menu screen with 3D graphics and sound.
  • USB storage device reader.
  • Download cheats list from to USB pen drive to update code list.
  • PSP reader that allows user to transfer game saves between PSP and PS2 for storage on memory card and Memory Stick Duo.
  • Memory card manager with a data compressor which allows the user to pack more data onto a memory card.
  • Packed with hundreds of game saves to download onto your memory card.


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GameShark 2

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