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GameShark Pro cartridge

The GameShark Pro is a Game Enhancer device for the Nintendo 64. It was created by Datel but in the US region it was released under the name GameShark by it's distributors, InterAct. It had cheat code entering/editing and searching features. It also had a built in memory viewer/editor. In game access to the GameShark menu screen which had cheat searching features required the use of the Expansion Pak. Later versions of the GameShark included a port on the back of the cart which allowed for connectivity to the PC. This version is superior to all previous versions of the GameShark as it is able to use thousands of codes simultaneously, the Playstation version starts to choke before reaching 50.

This version of the GameShark is notorious for often breaking down which usually requires a reformat in order to work again. The software was also buggy for other reasons.


Later titles were capable of blocking GameShark from being used and a blank screen would appear if any game was inserted. This necessitated the inclusion of a special keycode feature in later versions, this allowed for the booting of newer games after an older game had been inserted first, such as Super Mario 64.[1]


Recent Nintendo 64 games, starting with Diddy Kong Racing, 1080° Snowboarding, and Yoshi's Story, are capable of blocking standard GameShark codes. A blank screen will appear if these titles are used with an older GameShark. A special "Keycode" feature has been added to Nintendo 64 GameSharks that are at least version 1.08.

The Keycode menu can be accessed on such cartridges by pressing L + R at the main GameShark menu. The menu allows preset codes or newly defined codes to be selected. Once the appropriate codes have been selected, the Nintendo 64 console must be powered off to allow the GameShark to switch to the Keycode mode. When the system is turned back on, the game will start with the cheat features enabled. When the Nintendo 64 is powered off after game play, the GameShark will revert to standard mode. Complete details for this procedure are outlined in the GameShark instruction manual.

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