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Game Booster

The Game Booster, aka Game Boy Booster or Super GB Booster Plus or Power Flash, is a Gameboy emulator for the Playstation. It was developed by Datel. Certain games with uncommon mappers are not supported. While the player may choose to listen to no sound, they also have the option of listening to an audio cd while playing Game Boy games. Original audio is not emulated. There is also a option to change the palettes of two of the games sprites, and the background, to individual colors. There is gameshark cheat support. A trainer is also included.

The Game Booster only works on older consoles as it plugs into the port on the back of older PlayStation consoles.

A game called "Rebound Mission" is included on the cartridge. It boots when no other compatible game is detected.

Known Versions

  • Game Booster
  • Super GB Booster
  • Super GB Booster Plus
  • Power Flash




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