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The Game Genie.

The Game Genie is a Game Enhancer created by Galoob for the NES. It is one in the long line of Game Genie products available. This is the first version made and also the most limited. A maximum of 3 cheat codes were enterable at one time. Using more than one game genie was possible and would increase the amount of codes allowable.

Using the Game Genie on a console requires the game to stick out of the console, without it the Game would usually fit snug inside. It can't be pressed down. The design put stress on the ZIF socket and cause the pins inside to bend eventually requiring the use of the Game Genie just so the game could work as the game itself could not reach the pins any longer.

A special adapter was created to make the Game Genie fit into the NES 2. These weren't necessary as the Game Genie could be forced to fit, but would then be difficult to remove. These adapters are hard to come by now and few of them were ever shipped due to their creation near the end of NES's life. The remaining stock was liquidated.

Known Versions

  • Only 1 version is known to exist.




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