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Super NES Game Genie.

The Game Genie is a runtime ROM modifier cartridge and one Game Genie in the long line of Game Genie products. This particular version added a switch, which would toggle code effects on and off. Unfortunately the Game Genie is missing the passthrough ports for the FX chip. This means that codes cannot be used on the official device. Cheats have been made but they will only work on emulators. The maximum amount of codes enterable was 5.

Known Versions

This is all the known versions of the SNES Game Genie which have been confirmed to exist:

  • GameGenie (v1.0)
  • GameGenie (v1.1)
  • GameGenie (v2.0)


  • Game Genie built by: Richard Aplin


GameGenie (v1.0)

GameGenie (v1.1)



Game Genie
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