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The Game Wizard Pro is a Game Enhancer created by MicroSmarts Enterprises for the Playstation. It allows for the use of cheat codes and also allows for import and pirate games to be played without the use of a mod-chip. A few features found on the GameShark Pro for Playstation are also present here. This includes the ability to view a games FMV videos and static images and also listen to sound clips. Since the Game Wizard pretty much overrides the PlayStation Bios, it comes with it's own memory card manager and CD player. It is only compatible with older PlayStation's, as it plugs into the port on the back of the console.

Drawbacks & Problems:

Even when the Game Wizard Pro is in the Off position, it still disables the PlayStation's built-in Audio CD player and memory card manager. Also, the Game Wizard Pro comes with an innovative spring which is placed around the post of the door closure sensor and keeps the button depressed (so your PlayStation thinks that the CD door is always closed). This is an easy one-time installation which is removable. But if you attempt to take the Game Wizard Pro from one PlayStation to another, you must be careful not to lose this spring, as it is REQUIRED for the Game Wizard Pro to operate.


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