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The Gold Finger for the Playstation is yet another in the long line of Game Enhancers which alter memory addresses. 1M / 2M Model are available. As with all early Playstation Game Enhancers this plugged into the consoles back port.

READ CAREFULLY! - Switching from NTSC to PAL:

DO NOT SWITCH FROM NTSC TO PAL UNLESS YOU HAVE A PAL TV AND A PAL PLAYSTATION!!! If you switch from NTSC TO PAL you might damage your game enhancer to the point where (there is a good chance) you might never be able to switch it back to NTSC and therefore not be able to use it ever again.

If you live in North or South America, you do NOT want to switch from NTSC to PAL for ANY reason!!! Switching from NTSC to PAL does NOT add any new features or improve the quality of the game enhancer's capabilities. It basically changes the screen resolution to a format which CANNOT be viewed by North or South American televisions.

Just to let you know: PAL PlayStation games have the same resolution as NTSC PlayStation games anyway, so even if you could get away with switching your game enhancer to PAL (which you cannot do by the way) it wouldn't be worth the effort.

If you live in North or South America, YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAL TV!!! Only if you have a PAL TV and PAL PlayStation and live OUTSIDE of North or South America do you want to do the following:

- Press L1, SELECT AND then press "O" to switch to PAL mode.

2 in 1 Model

The two in 1 model contains the GB Hunter (a Gameboy emulator) with a Gold Finger built into it. It's not known if the Gold Finger function can be used on both the GB and the PSX. Only 8M or below games are compatible. Since it's an emulator there are probably other games which are incompatible.

2 in 1 Model

The 3 in 1 model has the same features as the 2 in 1 model has, but also comes with the GB Link (which can be upgraded by CD's). Apparently the GB Link allows for GB Smart cards to be compatible with the Gold Finger. GB Smart cards are probably flash carts for the Gameboy.


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