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The origins of Kodewerx go back to March 5th, 2002, when the original "Codewerx" website launched in retaliation against GSCentral and their holier-than-thou attitudes. It should be no surprise that the new Kodewerx was launched for similar reasons. This time around, with a slightly different name (due to domain name issues) and a much larger supporting user base.

Kodewerx was founded on October 1st, 2006, and launched the Kodewerx Content Manager (KCM) project. KCM is designed on the idea that a website's users are its most important asset. KCM gives its users a certain level of control over the website content.


KCM is a Content Management System based around phpBB v2.0.21. It installs alongside phpBB and uses some of its configuration settings automatically, to easily integrate into your current phpBB environment.

KCM is designed as a community-driven website, where your users control the content in a weighted-voting manner. Users can add their own categories and sub-categories, which will initially be placed into "New Submissions". At this point, other users are able to vote 'yes' or 'no' for these categories to be added to the site permanently. Once added permanently, a category can be requested for deletion by any user, whereby other users can vote 'yes' or 'no' for permanent removal from the site.

In addition to submission and deletion of categories and sub-categories, the owner of the category as well as administrators and moderators may edit the categories as required. Moderators can be assigned to access KCM moderation features through customizable phpBB Usergroups.

Content creation under categories and sub-categories is supported by configurable content formats, defined by regular expressions. All content creation is handled in the same way as categories and sub-categories, with a weighted voting system and administrator and moderator control.

Finally, user-submitted content can be limited to phpBB Usergroups, if you prefer to have a more 'open' or 'secure' content submission medium.

A standard phpBB forum can be linked to the KCM news page. Each initial post for any topic posted to the KCM news forum will appear on your KCM home (news) page. The number of news posts displayed is configured by the "Posts Per Page" setting in your phpBB configuration.

The Users

The users of Kodewerx range from Beginner hackers to the average user just looking for gamming codes. The leader of this said "Kommunity" is Parasyte in which he is notorious for his Nintendo WiFi hacking. The Kodewerx "Kommunist Kommunity" ,as it has been labeled by the owner and users, only has 3 active female members.

Sage and BOsKO "The Kodewerx Gals"

Sage and BOsKO have been known to stir up trouble, but are very active in not only the Kodewerx IRC channel, but also their forums and their "Kommunity". They defend their fellow Kodewerx and GSHI users against the evil users and code stealers of GSCentral, which has become known as GaySexCentral. BOsKO coming from California, and Sage from Wisconsin; they use their heads in the game. And there is one more, Mewy, she´s not active at the Kodewerx IRC channel, but she´s also against GSCentral, just like Sage and BOsKO.

GaySexCentral (The Code Stealers)

It's a known fact that the Kodewerx Krew members were once a part of GSCentral. Since their divisions, a lot of "trollers" have come about on all three forums: Kodewerx, GSHI, and GSCentral. Most of them come from GSC, looking to talk about another member on their forum or IRC channel or, in most cases, to steal codes. Rune, the leader of this chaotic circus, has no code database. It has been rumored that Rune is too afraid to post. Others say that he's stealing more codes to form a database. The users of GSC say that he's just waiting for his brother "Rob". Whatever the deal is, no one will know.

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