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Monster Brain cartridge

The Monster Brain is a cheat device for Gameboy/Gameboy Color. It is made specifically for the first and second generation Pokemon games. This includes Pokemon: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The cheat device allows various elements from the Pokemon games to be edited, such as stats, names, and badges. The following can be edited by the device.

It was preceeded by the Brain Boy, which only covered Generation I games.

Generation I Save Editor

For Generation I games the editor allows the user to:

  • Edit Your Name
  • Edit Rival's Name
  • Edit Money
  • Edit Time
  • Edit Badges
  • Edit Pokémon
  • Edit Items
Generation II Save Editor

For Generation II games the editor allows the user to:

  • Edit Your Name
  • Edit Rival's name
  • Edit Properties
    • Edit Money
    • Edit Time
    • Edit Badges
    • Edit Clock
    • Edit ID #
    • Edit Seen PokeDex
    • Edit Caught PokeDex
    • Edit Pokégear
    • Allow Fly
    • Edit Gender (Crystal only)
  • Edit Pokémon
  • Edit Pack
    • Edit Items
    • Edit Poké Ball
    • Edit Key Items
    • Edit TM/HM
  • Enter Poke (A Poke is similar to a GameShark code but there is no list of official Poke's. A online program can convert GameShark codes to Poke's but it is not 100% effective.)[1]

There are other features such as the colorizer, which colorizes games by pressing the colorizer button during an initial screen or during gameplay. Type 1 and Type 2 cartridges exist. Type 2 cartridges can be tricked into behaving like Type 1 and allowing a custom palette to be defined.

The blast off menu has options to update colors or play games at double speed.

The memory menu allows save files to be backed up, restored, or deleted for any Gameboy or Gameboy Color game with SRAM saves.

Self-Test Screen

A Self-test screen can be accessed by holding down the START button upon booting up. The following contents are tested at the screen: Reading ROM Writing ROM Checksum

The version number of the Monster Brain are also displayed at the bottom as well as the memory size of the unit. There might have been more than 2megabit versions. This needs verification.


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