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Well, the SNES Game Genie has pretty much faded in popularity over the past few years, but it has experienced somewhat of a resurgence due to the emulation craze (which, incidentally, neither the author nor the Game Genie Code Creators' Club condone. Emulation is illegal.)

I realized that there was some inaccurate information in here, and since people might actually be _reading_ it, I decided to give it one, final update, to correct some of the errors in the previous version concerning the ROM address conversion in LoROM games.

Moreover, I removed a couple of the sections which dealt with 'voodoo code creation' - these sections, mostly written by LordRokol many years ago before we understood just how the GG worked, talked about how changing certain GG slots would correlate with certain effects in the game. These observations were pretty much inaccurate - a GG code is merely a pointer to a memory address.

I've still left some of this speculative information in the beginners' section, though, as it may be helpful to those just beginning to create GG codes.

It's really incredible how much this file has progressed since the original version was published back in late 1995 -- we've gone from having almost no knowledge of how the Game Genie knowledge to totally understanding it and its relationship to the game's ROM and to other cheat devices.

- Sam Volo

  [email protected]
  GGCCC co-president

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