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(Killer Instinct)
(Killer Instinct)
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Hacked by '''Abystus''':
Hacked by '''Abystus''':
Killer Instinct 1.0
Killer Instinct v1.0
Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)
Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)
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Killer Instinct 1.1
Killer Instinct v1.1
Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)
Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)

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With all of the code requests out there, it's hard to remember what still needs to be hacked. Inversely, sometimes it's hard for hackers to think of anything new to hack. Shouldn't there be a place where all the relevant code requests around can get together in one big, whopping page? Nope. But now there is.




Romance of the Three Kingdoms


Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2


Nobunaga's Ambition


Shingen The Ruler


SNES/Super Famicom

Final Fantasy II

Level mod per character slot

Killer Instinct

Do Danger Moves Anytime

Hacked by Abystus:

Killer Instinct v1.0

Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)

Killer Instinct v1.1
Enable Finishers During Round (Even works in practice mode.)


1080 Snowboarding

Moon Jump

Speed Modifier

Grid course?

Advice: Judging from some text it says there is a Test Grid Course or something like that. It will require the method used to find Banjo-Kazooies test course, as the regular course modifier doesn't show it.

External links


Skip Intro

Have Levels Open

Body Harvest

Enemy Health codes

Enemy Modifiers

Vehicle Modifiers

Advice: Crocc hacked the Greece vehicle mod. Are there vehicles anywhere elsewhere in the game?
Bomberman 64

Play As The Sub-Bosses [Might be possible]

Costume Bomber P1 In 1P Mode [Impossible]


Car Modifier

Track Modifier

Command & Conquer 3-D

Change The Color Of Your Side

No Fog On The Map, Change The Fog Color

Change The Cursor Color

All Terrain Revealed

No One Dies

Fast Air Attack

Stronger Buildings

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Skip Intro

Diddy Kong Racing

Speed Modifier

Advice: Quite possible but needs ASM work. The game keeps all your speed, bananas and other shit in different places depending what vehicle you use, what track you're on, and possibly what character you use. I made an Always 50 Bananas code a while ago (not sure it's in the archives) but it only works when you're in a car, I only tested it with one character, and I couldn't get speed to work because of some weird addition bug.

Enable Code (Must be on)
DE004000 0000
Activate High Speed Racing Cheat
810DFD9F 0008

Doom 64

Stop/Extend timer when things are moved/opened by a switch

Dual Heroes

Play as Gezorr

Play as Secret Characters in Story Mode

Earthworm Jim 3D

Moon Jump / Jump Height Modifier

Flying Dragon

Hit Anywhere

Hacked by Nolberto82:

Hit Anywhere P1
810FA5DC 0C0F
813FFFE0 0085
813FFFE2 602A
813FFFE4 1180
813FFFE6 0002
813FFFE8 8D04
813FFFEA 0000
813FFFEE 0074
813FFFF0 03E0
813FFFF2 0008

Disable Blocking

Hacked by Nolberto82:

Disable Blocking Both Players
810F8368 2400
Forsaken 64

Level Modifier
8008ED6E 0012
Everything Is Opened Up [Battle Mode, etc.]
Proper Character Modifiers (not select mods)

Fox Sports College Hoops '99

Play as Secret Teams in Season Mode, Full Court Dunks

GoldenEye 007

A way to get around the goddamn TLB mapping and dynamic ASM locations

Throwing Knives - Throw Distance modifier

Watch Lazer - Laser Stream Distance modifier

Timed Mines/Grenade - fuse modifiers

Fixed Moon Jump (Cannot actually "jump" unless you are moving down a slope)

Disable Random Guard Spawning

Knockout Kings 2000

Hit Anywhere

Hacked by Abystus:

Hit Anywhere (Both Players.)
810B4EF4 2400

Disable Blocking

Madden '99

1-Hit Injures Players

Mario 64

Change Tiny Huge Island from one size to the other on demand and/or modify how tiny/huge it gets

Advice: Pretty sure the two islands are two different level models, so scaling is probably impossible, and switching on demand would be a bitch to do.

Bomb Size and Existance Modifiers in Bowser fights

Walk Through Walls code that doesn't kill Mario when you go through a wall

Advice: The game just kills Mario when you're outside of the level model. Not much that can likely be done about that.

Freeze timed steps on Bowser levels

Modify the speed you go at while carrying that big bom-bomb

Advice: I think the run speed mod effects this, but I haven't tried it. Too much COP1 shit to look through.

Bomb-omb fuse timer/explosion size modifier

All coins are red/blue?

Penguin/Koopa speed modifier

chain chomp speed/chain length modifier?

Exit Points

Advice: Where you end up when you get killed or exit a level. Preferably, make it so exiting from the pause menu drops you in front of the painting like it should, and leaving the Cavern of the Metal cap puts you back at the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave instead of dropping you out the damn waterfall.

Flatten enemies besides Goombas

Modify enemy health

Advice: i.e. Make Goombas harder to kill.

Multiple jumping while holding an enemy

Modify how many stomps it takes to drop posts (chain chomp's)

Respawning Coins

Starting points inside specific levels.

Advice: Like starting at the warp to Bowser in each of those levels all the time, or even changing that location.

Tiny Huge Island boss health modifier

Tree/pole climb speed

Mariokart 64

4WD (No slowdown offroad)

Turtle Shell Throw Speed Modifier

Always have 3 shells spinning around you (Shell Shield)

Blue shells shield you like Red shells (three around you, and you have an infinite amount of them)

Double Dash!! Point System

Advice: (5th-8th get points, change 1st-4th point amount)

Slower Response Time / Faster Response Time

Advice: The computer recovers quite quickly (Lakitu responds more quickly) after a crash or fall. This is unfair!
Mission Impossible

Never Surrender

MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

All Trades Accepted

Pick whole team in draft before anyone else

GS button For Homerun

Change Statistics After Game

Computer Doesn't Swing

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

P2 Can't Move

Play Hidden Space Invaders Mini-Game Easily

Mortal Kombat 4

Soak Test

Advice: MK2 had a soak test via codes, it was a showcase of fatalities. MK4 has text for one...all it says is "SOAK Test" in memory might still be hackable.
Mortal Kombat Mythologies - SubZero

Infinite Fatality Time

Once Frozen, Enemies Never Thaw

Full Invincibility from traps

Advice: Some have been hacked, but I'm pretty sure there are a few remaining because of some evil programming.

Speed Modifier

NBA Hangime

Full Court Dunks Sink Every Shot (like from full court)

NBA Jam '99

Enable All Trades

Perfect Dark

All Objectives Complete / Never Fail Rapid/Continuous Fire



8106E085 0000
8006E081 00FF
8106E01C 0000
8106E05C 0000

Quest 64

Enemy Character Modifier(not an image mod) Icon Modifier List

Rayman 2

Fixed Moon Jump (The game kills Rayman if he is in the air too long)


Jump Distance Modifier

Starfox 64

Speed Modifier

Advice: There's Infinite Boost, but that can't slow you to a complete stop and you can only go so fast.
Star Wars Ep1 Racer

Hacked by Dlevere~The Hackmaster
Leave your opponents choking on your dust as you speed through the levels with this incredible code!

81226D66 FFFF

Star Wars Rougue Squadron

Debug Menu

Advice: When you press pause and text search for "Debug" a lot of Debug Menu stuff is shown that would be good to see usable.
Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire

Easily kill enemy riders in Mos Eisley

Friendly enemies

Enemy Character Modifiers (Wreck hacked some for Echo base)

Control any enemy codes

Ship modifier for Asteroid Belt

Dash Rendar Character Modifier

Superman 64

1P Mode Level Modifier

Infinite Turbo Boost (MP)

Infinite Shields (MP)

Top Gear Rally

Speed Modifier (one that actually works)

Vehicle Stats (acceleration/max speed)

Weather Mod?

Gravity Mod

Vehicle Size

Special Cars in Paint Shop

Car Modifier

Advice: There is an Airplane in Coastline and Jets that fly over in Strip Mine)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Run Speed Modifier

Climb Speed Modifier

Allow monkeys to be hit by weapons besides the Particle Accelerator

Remove screen flash with Chronosceptor

Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil

Have Flashlight

Fixed Moon Jump code

Advice: We need one that allows landing on catwalks, etc instead of falling through the damn things.

All guns can blow off heads/limbs

Run Speed Modifier

Ridiculous Effects

Rapid Fire

No Clipping

Fly Mode

Debug Menu

Advice: There is some text alluding to one.
Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion

Unlock/Identify mystery cheat in the cheat menu

Advice: There is one cheat that's never revealed by the All Cheats code.

Debug Mode

Advice: Lots of debug text in this one: Secrets.Enter New Secret....Control Options.Debug...Display Options.Turok 3.Shadow of Oblivion..Select Difficulty...Select Language.Select Deathmatch...Sound Options

also shows at: Resume..Save Game...Load Game...Options.Secrets.Quit....Quit game...Replay section..Replay chapter..Cancel..Quit game?.......... remaining..No time limit...Objectives:.Deaths..Sound...Display.Control.Debug...51..NTKP....TUROK

Enemy codes (size, image, etc)

Advice: ASM will be required, since the game is so random in RAM allocation.
Turok - Rage Wars

All Characters Unlocked

All Campaigns for All Characters Unlocked/Done

War Gods

Stop Fatality Timer

Hit Anywhere

Hacked by Abystus:

Hit Anywhere (Both Players.  Excludes Projectiles.)
812F3878 1000
812F4218 2400
812F433C 2400
812F438C 2400
812F43F0 2400
812F45F8 2400

Moon Jump

Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '97/'98

Every shot goes in / remove goalies?

Wipeout 64

Speed Modifier
Hacked by Dlevere~The Hackmaster

Hold A+B for Infinite Boost

Tap B while holding A for Machine Gun, Autopilot, and Stealth Mantle!


WWF Attitude

Call-In Other Wrestlers Manually

WWF No Mercy

Weapon Modifier

Infinite Rematches in Season Mode

Too many codes to be listed here. Over 400 codes hacked by drgonzo7 for this game.[1]

WWF Warzone

Invincibility Get Belt

Zelda 64

Workable Big Key

Can Ride Epona Anywhere In The Game

Epona Can Walk In The Water

Link Gets Ganondorf's Horse

Volcano Mode

Earthquake Mode

Sandstorm in Haunted Wasteland Is Gone

Sandstorm Mode (Sand Flying Everywhere)

Blood and Gore Mode: Anything You Hit Spills Blood

Underwater Mode (Underwater visuals/SFX)

No Background Code

No Objects Code

Can Use All Weapons Underwater

Snow Mode

Mess With Texture Cache

Zelda: Majora's Mask

Skip Intro/Cutscenes



Game Boy / Color

Game Boy Advance


007 Quantum Of Solace

Max Upgrade Points
Infinite Health
Massive Bond
Skip Intro
No Clipping (Select+Up)
Clipping ON (Select+Down)
Slow Motion (Select+Left)
Normal Speed (Select+Right)
Infinite Ammo
Display Collision Boxes
Universal Key (press Select on menu)
Golden Gun (Press Select on menu)
Body Armor (Press Select on menu)
GF-17 (Press Select on menu)
P-99 (Press Select on menu)
Mac-11 (Press Select on menu)
AK5U (Press Select on menu)
M14 (Press Select on menu)

All of these codes have been hacked on the European version of this game, but not the US version. When I tried to convert them, they didn't work.

Ram Racing (E)

Always 1st Place

Max Points

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (U)

No Experience Points Gained




Master System

Genesis/Mega Drive



Power Stone 2

Character modifier for players 1-4

WWF Royal Rumble

Infinite Specials

Advice: The original code never seemed to work in the actual Royal Rumble mode but worked at times in 1P/Arcade(?) mode. I'd say an ASM hack is likely needed.

Game Gear



Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Boss level mod

Boss HP mod

Boss defense mod

Boss attack power mod

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Enemies cannot build

Advice: using spies, watch what one enemy is building in a specific barracks, war factory, or other building unit. Find the difference between nothing, something, and something else. Now move on to the next building of the same kind, of the same enemy. Once you've found the address for both of these, find the difference between the two, and adding or subtracting it from one of the two, find the addresses of the first five of that kind of building that could be built. Now do the same with another kind of building, for the same enemy, and so on. Once you're finished with all buildings, start on another enemy. With any luck, after the first building of the first kind, you'll be able to find the difference between it's address and that of the corresponding code for the first enemy, and use that base to find all codes for that second enemy. Now use that difference to do the same for the other two nations (might as well include yourself), and you won't even have to do all the footwork. Still quite an undertaking though, for those with limited time.
Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout (Japanese)

Infinite Ki

Infinite Lives


Always Have Weapon Drawn (Arcade Mode)

Final Fantasy Tactics

Zoom/View mods in battle (helicopter view, etc)

Final Fantasy VII

Allowance of targeting

Advice: hack a target mod, hack hand there/not there, use increments of positioning with a D0 set up to turn the hand back to the first character once it reaches a certain character, possibly set also by the number of characters.

In-town character mod

Advice: I've noticed that there are a few interesting digits for Liquid Man's world map character mod.
In-town character mod - 8009D390 ????
0300 - aeris in town, can't exit, tifa on world map
0200 - Tifa in town, can exit, tifa on world map
0400 - Red in town, can't exit
0800 - Cid in town, can exit, Cid on world map

This won't help much for a town-specific code, but it may lead to an even better universal code that doesn't depend upon which sprites are available per room.

Emerald weapon in ocean/not in ocean

Other Weapons' existence on world map mod

Other chocobos are slow

Advice: find the difference between the times when another chocobo is going fast, and those when it's going slow. A sprinting/not sprinting code might also be nice.

In-town character size mod

Advice: using different rooms and utilizing the sprite control code, note which characters are which character number. Being sure to include at least one room with a large character (such as the giant Aeris in the very bottom room of the debug room, or the giant Cloud within Cloud's mind after he plummets into the Lifestream) and one room with a regular one, find the difference between character _ when that character is regular and character _ when that same character is big. If you can manage to do so with another character number, you could find the difference between the two addresses and by subtracting or adding that amount to one of the two, you could find the addresses of the sizes of all characters, including your own.

Current room chest content mod

Exit FMVs

Skip annoying parts of the game

Advice: Cloud's Coma sequence gets to be pretty mind-numbing after several playthroughs.

Unlock All Floors - Elevator in Shinra Building

Advice: Having the keys with the key items hack isn't enough for some reason. It might be hidden in the game progress flags.

Disable negative stat affects from materia

Odin always does Steel Bladed Sword
Advice: I've had some luck forcing the attack itself, but I can't bypass boss' and other enemies' immunity to instant death attacks for some reason. I found the address controlling the normal stat immunities for each enemy in battle, and posted those before. I found an interesting address that ended up forcing Steel Bladed Sword (3007136D 0005) when it would normally be changed to Gunge Lance. The problem is it chopped a boss in half, but it made it invisible instead of completely killing it.

Never Miss Any Attack/Magic/Summon in battle

Final Fantasy VIII

Exit FMVs


Legend of Mana

Boss level mod

Bosses/enemies cannot be stunned from constant attacks

Music mod

Metal Gear Solid

Everything is white

Advice: using a stun grenade, find the difference between the times when everything is white from the flash, and when it's not. Note: I wouldn't have added this if it weren't for the fact that I hacked it once, but the game/system/GSPro crashed due to other codes that were activated, and I could never seem to hack it again. It was quite an amusing code, actually.
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

No enemies

Advice: find the difference between the existence of enemies and their absence, either by beating the level or by killing enemies individually. The second option, however, could take longer, and might not even yield the same result.
Syphon Filter 2

No head shots

No Headshots

30089EBC 0000

PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy XII

Rare Enemies Always Spawn

Advice: By "rare" we mean enemies like the Ripe Rampager and Level 99 Red Chocobo. They normally only spawn a certain percentage of the time and/or when certain conditions are met. Th fact the Level 99 Red Chocobo only has a 1 in 256 chance of spawning is bloody insane!
Juiced 2

Any Car Can Race Any League


Drawing a dot in any part of the blockheads and they die instantly


Have Weapons/Unlock Weapons (on Tony or in locker)


Infinite Health

This game requires an AR MAX 3.60 or above for the codes to work.


Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection
Walk Through Walls

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta