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== Related ==
== Related ==
*[[Unhacked: Index|Unhacked Games Index]]
*[[Unhacked: Index|Unhacked Games Index]]
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Unhacked PlayStation Games
Game License Code(s) Hacker(s) attempting hacks Attempt start date
3D Lemmings SCUS-94601
Adidas Power Soccer 98 SLUS-00547
All Star Racing SLUS-01460
Barbie Gotta Have Games SLUS-01569
Blue's Big Musical SLUS-01198
Bottom of the Ninth '97 SLUS-00296
Cat In The Hat, The SLUS-01579
Chessmaster 3D, The SLUS-00052
City Of Lost Children SCUS-94150
Disney's Aladdin Nasira's Revenge SCUS-94569
Dracula: Last Sanctuary SLUS-01440
F1 World Grand Prix: 1999 Season SLUS-01036
Family Card Games Fun Pack SLUS-01454
FIFA Soccer 2003 SLUS-01504
FIFA Soccer 2004 SLUS-01574
FIFA Soccer 2005 SLUS-01585
FIFA World Cup 2002 SLUS-01449
Final Round, The SLUS- 00064
Formula 1 98 SLUS- 00744
Formula One 2000 SLUS- 01134
Fox Sports NHL Championship 2000 SLUS-00925
Fox Sports Soccer '99 SLUS-00635
Full Contact SLUS-00047
Nova Storm SCUS-94404


Psychic Detective SLUS-00165-7