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Example how to get images displaying better.

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A German company called Dataflash markets a device called the Gamebuster that allows the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Saturn consoles the ability to use GameShark/Pro Action Reply-like codes.

Another device, developed by Future Console Designs, Ltd., is called the Xplorer. According to them, the cartridge is fully backwards compatible with the GameShark and Pro Action Replay. It also has the ability to use its own proprietary codes that allow cheat features not possible with those older systems. Currently available in the U.K. for the PlayStation, its low price and bundled code hacking and transfer software for the PC make it a serious contender.

The North American version of the Xplorer is marketed by X-Gear as the Xploder. A Nintendo 64 version of device is also available in addition to the original PlayStation design.

The Game Wizard is PlayStation accessory made by MicroSmarts Innovative Business Solutions Inc. that offers features similar to the GameShark Pro, such as viewing FMV sequences directly from the disk, enhanced saved game management, and easier connectivity to a PC.

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Add info. on SNES Gold Finger and X-Terminator 2 when you've the chance.