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CD 9000

The Xploder, aka the Xplorer, is a cheat device created by Future Console Design for the Sony PlayStation. Marketing for the PSX version claimed it to be more powerful than GameShark, and at least in one case implied there being a nude code for a Tomb Raider game.

This version of Xploder has been found to allow booting of burned copies of PlayStation games.

The cartridge version is known to have these media explorer options:

  • Game CD Movie Player
  • Game CD Picture Viewer
  • CD Music Player
  • Audio Replay (replays audio found in RAM after the system has been reset)
  • CD & Memory card upgrade

Known Versions


  • Xploder v1-v3 (first Xploder, no trainer)
  • Xploder Classic (new edition that still lacks trainer)
  • Xploder Pro (Built-in trainer / DOS program called X-Assist supplied)
  • Xploder FX (first Xploder with built-in trainer) (Also known as Xplorer FX and X-Terminator in Europe and Japan respectively) (Version called Code Breaker also exists)


  • Xploder CD 9000 v1/2? (first CD-based Xploder)
  • Xploder CD 9000 Director's Cut (Xploder CD 9000 with more and revised codes)



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