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V5 Disc

The Xploder for PlayStation 2 is a Game Enhancer. There are 6 major revisions of the main cheat software, along with a HD player and a ultimate care kit. Version 4 saw the release of codes in a new format so codes released in that format would no longer work on previous Xploder's.

Known Versions

  • Xploder2 V1
  • Xploder2 V2
  • Xploder2 V3
  • Xploder2 V4
  • Xploder2 V4 Pro (with USB cable for Saves)
  • Xploder2 V5
  • Xploder2 V5 Media Centre
  • Xploder2 V5 Pro with Media Center Live!
  • Xploder Ultimate Care Kit
  • Xploder HDTV Player (Not a cheat device)
  • Xploder2 V6
  • Xploder2 V6 Guitar Hero - Special Edition


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