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Artemis logo.

"Artemis" for PS2 is a collection of open-source, free applications that allow a user to dump PS2 memory repeatedly during game play (either to a USB flash drive, or remotely via a network cable to a PC), so as to compare these dumps, and the ability to force specific memory addresses to hold specific values (in order to test results of searches), to allow users to create their own cheat and enhancement codes for games.

The project currently consists of PS2rd (PS2-side remote debugging application), PS2CC (PC-side remote comparison/memory search/memory editing application), IGMD (alternate PS2-side application, to dump to USB flash drive), and CL-LiveDebug (standalone, PS2-side hacking system in development).

PS2-side components are built and maintained using the unofficial PS2SDK (a pre-built version of which can be found in the Downloads section, entitled, "Win32 Pre-Built PS2SDK").

The goal of the project is to produce a fully-fledged RAM-hacking system, cheat system, and remote debugger for games and applications.

Note: In order to hack codes, you will require either CL-LiveDebug, both PS2CC and PS2rd, or one of the hacking system packages (which include both PS2CC and PS2rd).

If you have questions or would like to talk about the project, you can drop by the Forums, or Java IRC (Chat).

If you hack anything using Artemis, please post it on the Forums.