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Brain Boy

The Brain Boy is a Game Enhancer for Game Boy/Game Boy Color. It was released by Pelican. It is made specifically for the first generation Pokemon games. This includes Pokemon: Red, Blue, Yellow. The cheat device allows various elements from the Pokemon games to be edited, such as stats, names, and badges.

The cartridge label came in a wide variety of colours including gold and blue gloss.

It was succeeded by the Monster Brain, which covered Generation I and Generation II games.


  • Colorizing older Game Boy games
  • Back-up Battery saves (there is 64 blocks available and each game save is about 4 blocks so that means there is about 16 saves)
  • Double-speed gameplay
  • Set pokemon levels
  • Edit pokemon stats
  • Edit pokemon moveset
  • Modify the pokedex
  • Modify pokemon caught

Self-Test Screen

A Self-test screen can be accessed by holding down the START button upon booting up. The following contents are tested at the screen: Reading ROM Writing ROM Checksum

The version number of the Brain Boy are also displayed at the bottom as well as the memory size of the unit. There might have been more than 2megabit versions. This needs verification.


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