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Hacking Dreamcast

A walk-through of an ASM hack for Skies of Arcadia, beginning with a mini history lesson

A document with a large amount of information regarding most aspects of the SH-4 processor.

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Dream Explorer (a.k.a VMU Tool) is a mini OS for the Dreamcast that allows you to explore the content of your VMU, PC, and CD/GD, and open their files in the numerous bundled tools.

Among other things you can easily backup up VMU files to PC and vice versa, or download VMU files from CD. DCI and VMI+VMS files are supported as well as raw or DCM dumps.

The VMU menu lets you:

   browse your VMU's (includes hidden files)
   unlock 44 extra blocks for your VMU's
   compress/uncompress VMU files
   draw your own icon for the VMU screen
   defragment the VMU files
   play VMU minigame on your TV with the VMU emulator
   change the background image of the Dreamcast's boot menu
   hexedit VMU files
   view PSO screenshots
   edit Gameshark CDX codes
   and much more...

The PC/CD explorer lets your freely browse the directories of your PC's hard drive disk or the CD/GD inserted in your Dreamcast.

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