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The Super NES UFO Pro 8 is a game copier/flash cartridge made for Super Nintendo. It has Game Enhancer features and can use Goldfinger codes, along with X-Terminator codes. The SNES UFO Pro 8 supports games up to 32Mbit, everything but Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, will work. It can also support SNES enhancement chips. Although, to do this it requires that a game that uses that chip be plugged into the cartridge port. In most cases it still won't work.

Save States are supported. To enable simply enable Hyper mode on the main menu before choosing a game. Then press L + Start to save the game and press R + Start to load it. As with other features, support for this feature is spotty.

SRAM is saved to a CR2032 battery. Fortunately, it is possible to back-up the game save to the SD card. Only one gamesave can be stored at a time, thus Game Saves must be transferred to the SD card each time the game is switched or it will be overwritten.

The Super NES UFO Pro 8 is the sucessor to a game copier called Super UFO Super Drive Pro 8 that used floppy discs to save games.



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