Three Word Story - The New Batch

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This topic game lasted for 11 pages total. In this story we learn about a little perverted resteraunt, known as Fawk N' Feed.

The Epic Story

One day LazyBastard
murdered DarkSerge accidentally
for making things
that do nothing
to LiquidManZero that
he keeps posting
on this ancient
board that Lazy
still digs. Final
Fantasy number Ninety-
Four brings me
a donut-filled
donut filled with
two people posting
like monkeys in
those black and
clear metal plastic
wooden glass things
that make me
so hot that
I take my
shirt off and
eat a donut
underwater, with cats
and that little
perverted midget, TruWizdom
tickling my every
fancy. I love
you Lazy|Bastard so
just kill you
with my shotgun
full of cream
puffs and ice
cream Hex Bits
that made me
get the munchies.
After I get
liposuction, I split
it up 50/50,
make some soap
with TheDonut
and cheap fried
chicken unless, of
course, you're completely
broke and need
to bribe someone -
then you're screwed.
Especially if TruWizdom
gets a really
really happy expression
on his face
in a perverted
family restaurant called
Fawk N' Feed.
I went there,
got drunk, raped,
and fed. The
next thing I
did was wear
bra's and panties
on my face
and under my
wig I stole
from LazyBastard. He
killed the owner
of GSHIB0 that
got rather lazy
and didn't bother
to notice his
own death. That
Chocobo Greens Beer
got me so
very much wasted
and stuff. In
reference to pants,
it leaves me
without saying goodbye
to myself again,
in reverse, though
an infinite stupidity.
Nocturnal RAM hackers
that are alcoholics
are double the
having hangover fun
except that most
lazy game hackers
don't even have
Tickle Me Elmos
or anything squishy.
Holy shit, this
makes some sense
kind of like
caffienated cereal does.
And now it's
seven pages long
and those little
crunchy edible things
aren't quite as
hangover malted flavored
and it's over.

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