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This topic game lasted for 10 pages. In this story we learn that root beer can intoxicate and a giant corporation bought a larger one with the aid of machines that drink RPGod's body secretions.

The Epic Story

Damn! Just last
night I drank
a keg of
root beer and
some fried chicken
tried to kill
Darkserge again. He
thought about how
drunk off rootbeer
he'd gotten; that

was really cheap,
but didn't feel
any good. So
why not just
chug some booze,
kill some chickens,
tip some cows,
fall over and
breaks his hand
in present tense.

Later that night,
he goes to
jerk the weasel,
which killed many
things that LiquidManZero
didn't like anyway,
so he decided
that he didn't
need the holy knife,
and his root

started rotting like
an adult diaper.
Someone got stabbed.
In other news,
LiquidManZero got hit
with a large
plastic beer bottle,
in a place
that's no good
for a kid

with a fish
in his mouth,
and fell over.
So long, and
watch your step...
don't let the
midgets with smelly
feet ear rape
me. I'll give
you hardcore porn,

and an old
pile of TruWizdom's
teeth; if you
don't, I'll eat
my words. Robert
was some random
noise I made
with my armpit
last Sunday, during
urinating into the

deepest corners of...
of a forest...
forest of stuttering
trees in a
horrible drinking binge
involving Giant Killer,
a drunken bastard
whose nickname masks
very little of
his feelings toward

being bastardly. Let's
pretend that he
got shot by
everyone at once.
It was messy!
Then a giant
corporation bought out
a larger one,
using machines designed
specifically for the

drinking of strange
bodily secretions called
"something out of
RPGod's stomach". So
what this did...
211 malt liquor...
umm, right. So,
this makes no
sense whatsoever. Man,
that guy ate

himself whole, without
flipping himself inside
in. So goodnight;
have some fish,
you filthy bastard.

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