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Cheat cartridge

The Xploder is a cheat device for Game Boy Advance. Unlike many of the Xploders released before it this one does not have a trainer whatsoever. The device came in two incarnations: The Xploder Advance, which uses cheats, and the Xploder Action Reloader, which does not use cheats, but instead savestates.

The Xploder Action Reloader has two load buttons and one save button. Pressing both load buttons at the same time will reboot the console. There are seven savestates total, which can be used all for one game, or for several games.

Known Versions

  • Xploder Advance (without trainer)
  • Xploder Action Reloader (no codes, but a memory card is included)
  • Xploder Advance SP (uses codes)



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